What our ideas are really saying

Pay attention to me”, that’s why they’re loud and sometimes overwhelming because they need us to become something more. They speak to us in the shower, while your driving, while your spouse is talking and your suppose to be listening (but you can’t help it), they really have a mind of their own.

But ideas die when you introduce them to others who may not get the joke, sometimes it’s not on purpose but it still happens. Ideas need your protection and sometimes they need your conviction that they matter enough to be made into form. Into something tangible to be shared with the right people who will see them.

To make the best of them I advise you give them away, if your scared someone will steal the idea give it away first! Why? Well, your ideas don’t belong to you, I know it seems that way because hey it spoke to you first. But really ideas are given to the people open enough to see their worth. You may have been the one home to answer the door but you didn’t order the package (it’s an example).

Ideas are like babies, you birth them, love them, teach them, then they go off into the world. If you kept the ideas for selfish reasons like the fear of someone having it, you become the killer. You become the person who shatters what the idea was made for, don’t be that person. Be the person that gave your ideas the space it needed to grow, and the life it needed to live.