What if we did the thing first?

In a world where it’s easier to get a 9-5 to make ends meet, how often do we advise creatives to do the thing first? Maybe you didn’t go to college or maybe you didn’t have a choice and picked a major that sounded cool until you realized by junior year it wasn’t for you but it’s too late to start over. 

What I’m trying to say is practice now, do now, don’t wait for permission, for someone to choose you, don’t wait for your parent’s approval (it may take a while), don’t even ask your friends if it’s the right thing to do. If this “thing” your creating, making, publishing or even selling makes “sense” to you, then DO IT!

Too often we get into this weird habit of listening to the intentions of someone else over our own and to be honest, it needs to come to an end. We are wild, heart-filled creatives with so much darn amazingness inside of us that we have become a side dish aka an extra in our own movie. You have what it takes, you always have.

I don’t know how old you are, where you are in your life, what fears you have, who doesn’t support you, I want you to make a promise to yourself that today, you do the thing first. Regardless if you land on your hands or your ass, trust me or better yet…learn to trust you