Trust is a muscle

A lot of the “risks” I take are scary to some, but to me, they’re the next best thing. I focus diligently on moving through my fear, not pretending it’s not there but acknowledging it and continuing to move forward. Many times in my life fear of something has stopped me before my pursuit but never once had it helped me grow. No matter if the experience changed, my actions remained the same, it crippled me. Until one day I decided to take my power back.

Trust is a muscle, like anything it takes practice to get better at it. You have to fail a few times, get uncomfortable and really just fall on your face until it feels like second nature to just keep going. When things don’t work out, when things feel like a never-ending spiral of dead ends, trust is the only thing you have next to faith.

I’m a believer that great opportunities are found on the other side of fear and I don’t know about you but I’m not waiting, I’m taking action despite it all, you should too.