Something new

Yesterday for the first time I witnessed the train passing near my new office. I’ve been here for nearly 2 months as the world began to open back up and never once had the train come. As I stare out the window I feel hopeful, hopeful Imani? Listen it’s the first word that came to me, so let’s roll with it.

How can you feel hopeful from just watching a train pass? Good question. You see the train never came because it wasn’t ready yet, it wasn’t its time, it didn’t have a purpose or a use, but when it was needed it showed up. Something new happened for the first time in 2 months and for once I witnessed something different. It reminds me a lot about the space I’m in right now, I’m just as hopeful, waiting until its my turn, when I’m ready, when my work is needed. No longer forcing, or moving against resistance, simply present and understanding that life will call you when it’s time.