Rule #1: Don’t listen to your mother

. . . when your creating.

You have to understand that the closest people to us will try to protect us by any means necessary, they will stop you before you start, they will try to catch you every time you fall, they will even try to do it for you. You have to ask yourself at what cost is their protection really helping you vs. hindering your growth and possibility? If you have to ask, a piece of you already knows the answer, their help becomes a burden.

They mean no harm and in most cases (I hope) they want the best for you, but our family, our closest friends, or peers aren’t the people we serve, they aren’t the people we have to please. When it comes to creating, they’re not your people.

Decide early on who your people are,

What do they believe?

What are they scared of?

What do they need?

Their needs are the driving force behind your creation, their needs are the reason you show up.

If you only listen to your mom (or others) when you fail the first time you take it personally, you make it about them, leading you to soon believe you failed them when really the project needs to be adjusted. Find the people who need your work to change them, the people who can see you, admire you, the people like you!

We’re going to have to leave your mother out of this one. You will make her and others proud on the backend, but in the beginning, make it about the work and the people who it’s for.