Major update!

Guys! I haven’t written a blog post since July and its mind-blowing to think its been that long!!!! So whats new with you? I really hope that life is treating you well and so many beautiful things are taking place in your life in so many ways. So why am I here? Good question, truthfully I came back to give a small refresh to the menu and homepage, keeping it more simple and straight to the point. But I’ve had so many amazing changes take place since July, that I also wanted to write about it and share.

Here’s whats been going on!

  1. I moved out of my downtown office back into my home with 2 dogs, its a transition but it deeply felt like the next step for some reason.
  2. I pivoted my company into a brand called “We Are Made Studios”, a beautiful space of being that gives birth to the story, work and voice of creative people of color. A direction that has been calling to me since around 2017 but for some reason I was too scared to move forward back then, but luckily its unfolding beautifully today.
  3. I’m facilitating gatherings in partnership with CreativeMornings to add love and guidance back into the creative community, I even joined the local chapter to help out!
  4. We just wrapped up season I of My Conversations with Creatives, a podcast that teaches creative people how to make better work, buttttttt we will be transitioning into life advice for creatives next season for many reasons. But all good reasons I promise, ALSO season 2 launches this December!
  5. We Are Made Podcast, a black creative series also launches this December, which is wildly exciting because I’ve gotten to interview so many amazing people and have deep inspiring conversations and selfishly walk away with a friend.

Those are the major changes taking place on my end and so many beautiful pockets of growth are on there way, in the meantime be sure to listen to season I of My Conversations with Creatives and also check out We Are Made Studios! Thank you guys so much for reading this post and if you made it to the end bonus points for being an awesome person, talk soon guys!