I’m starting a podcast !!!

For the last year I have been going back and forth about creating a podcast.

What will the topic be?

Who will be my first guest?

What in the worddddd do we talk about?

Well I don’t have all the answers BUT I did have the impulse and thats my calling to just kind of go for it! It’s just how I do things, I try, fail (maybe, sometimes, depends), I try again or even leave it on the list of things to come back to.

I have been sitting at my desk wondering what to talk about today, going over what I experienced and how I can better serve someone. Today is simply about making room for new ideas to flourish, making ideas come to life, just like whats going to take place here very soon. Now that I have said it out loud, this is me making a new promise, to myself and you.

Big question is, When will I start? Like I mentioned I don’t have all the answers but I know for sure, I can at least start tomorrow after breakfast (food is like my coffee), stay tuned.