If not now, when?

This morning on my daily walk as I often do I listened to a podcast, 1. so that I can consciously study at the same time (studying the way a conversation is molded by the host, etc. etc.) and 2. So I’m not alone in my head worrying about God knows what. Just for context because I’m sure everyone (I’m everyone) would want to know, the podcast was Design Matters with Debbie Millman and her guest the week was Adam J.K Kurtz. Now onto the point!

About 30 minutes into the episode they began to unpack the title of his new piece of work, “You are here (for now)”. Before they dove in I found myself easily creating my own ideas about what it meant, but I noticed my initial thoughts were all projecting and for this episode to be useful I knew it would be best if I was more present then controlling. They continued to talk and like a bat out of hell (old saying my mom used to tell me growing up), Debbie mentioned one of her own revelations, “If not now then when?”. I felt called to ask myself a even simpler question, “If not now, when?”.

Over the summer I wrote a book, not just any book but a book that led with the message, “You can make it happen !”, anything that is. But on a real surfaced level I was struggling to make things happen for myself and I didn’t feel it was “right” for me to give advice on a journey I haven’t yet finished. So I put my 200+ page book down after countless edits, numerous drafts and so forth and decided to let it be as I easily moved on to another project calling me. But a strange thing happened recently, I felt the pull again, the pull back to the book that bleed my deepest insecurities! But with even greater context, I now hold deeper clarity and in a nutshell, way more confidence but the insecurities remain. I decided the best thing to do is, do it, go back to the book that people need. After many interviews now and conversations with creatives, I know the value it serves and even though its been a few months, I feel ready (again).

Todays entry is kind of a reminder to not only “do the thing”, but to also “do it now”. Because the chance of “when“, is not a choice we have the luxury to play around with.

May this encourage you to start something new or if your like me, finish something you started.