What I learned about myself when I decided to go by my middle name

Life got muddy as I got older, I started going by my middle name freshmen year in college and it created a different level of comfort for me. I was placed smack dab in the middle of all of me with what felt like a million other students who were just as confused about who they were as me. I often think about why I made that decision, maybe because it’s the first time someone asked me what I preferred to be called, maybe I was unconsciously trying to hide but to me, I just wanted to start over, I wanted a start fresh. I wanted space to grow into myself and this in my eyes was my opportunity.

What I learned by going by my middle name:

1.) Focus on what you can control, its not easy but its worth it.

2.) Everyone won’t like you and thats ok, it leaves more for people you like.

3.) You can’t please the world, trust me I tried!

4.) Don’t forget about yourself, pleasssssse.

5.) Speak up the first time, so you don’t bottle it up and explode later.

6.) You’re more amazing then you give yourself credit for, just ask someone who loves you.

7.) Silver linings are cool but creating difference is better.

8.) Eat out more, its almost the same as buying groceries (just ask you bank account).

9.) It’s ok to be seen, you deserve it.

10.) You are worthy, I approve this message.

This message is for me just as much as it is for you. So to you, the wonderful person who I’m sure can use a creative pep-talk, you’re hot sh*t, now let the world witness your greatness. Don’t worry about the rest.