Give your craft intention

I quickly found that putting to much pressure on your craft can leave you feeling like stale bread, forgotten. My work still mattered and I still deeply cared but something was missing, intention. Each day life reminded me that I was human and I had responsibilities. It was my job to pay the bills, finish the grocery shopping list, cook dinner, drive safely and overall somehow master adulting all in one lifetime. I was overwhelmed and soon after I felt like giving up. I couldn’t believe it, me of all people, the girl who inspires and encourages others to keep going, the girl who was organized and educated, the girl who had a plan. Here I was with nothing left but my craft. So instead of quitting I decided to turn things around.

Everyone has a vision, a vision to me represents what you stand for, what you believe in. It highlights your focus and births your intentions into something more, so I gave myself something to look forward to with my craft. Thats where “make something better” was born. My vision is simple, everything that I do, make, or give away MUST be devoted to making something better. It’s “my thing”, the reason for my hopes and dreams and truly everything I ever wanted and more.

If your ever feeling lost, distracted, or like stale bread? Set an intention for your craft and let it blossom, hope this helps.