Follow what life is showing you

We all have experiences that shape us into who we are. Whether good or bad, life has a deep influence on the way we see the world and each other. For me, my entire life has led me here and I wasn’t present enough to notice it until now.

In elementary school, I entered our Sunshine State writing contest.

In middle school, I wrote and performed poetry that won “most inspirational”.

In high school, I found my voice and decided to double major in Journalism & Psychology.

In college, I switched my major junior year to Public Relations. I wrote for our newspaper, learned how to photoshop, created a magazine for my graphics class, designed shirts for my class projects.

Later to be sold and featured alongside other creative work in the art building.

After college, I wrote an ebook and launched it on Esty.

A couple of months later I launched a self-empowerment brand called Eleven10Tweleve selling hats & shirts that shared the message “CreateYourself”.

I went on to write another book.

I’ve created and inspired the very thing I live and breathe now, and for some reason today (really yesterday) I’m present enough to notice the journey I’ve been a part of.

To my lovely reader, follow life and really pay attention to not only where your growing but more importantly where you’re going.