Create yourself out loud

We have a not so secret fear about creating work, we don’t want anyone to see us.

Creating privately? That’s not how creating works. When we commit to creating a project, we make a promise to create difference with what we make. As makers we have a responsibility to do work that changes others, that makes us into better people. When we don’t allow our work to be seen by others, we don’t change anything and in return we risk not making something better.

Find spaces where you can be seen

Doing the work, has a lot to do with simply practicing your work in the world. Showing your work to as many people who will care and even to those who don’t bother to care at first. Place your work in spaces that support the kind of work that you offer, the deliberant influence you have the ability to make.

Creative Mornings, Skillshare, Udemy, TedTalk, Facebook Groups, WordPress, all companies that give you the space to do the important work, the space to be seen, the space to discover what the world needs.

Start with something

Start a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, start a movement, start a band. Whatever you want to do, start something like it now. Why? Good question, majority of projects don’t get started because the creator is nervous about their creation, they lack confidence in their skills, it feel too new, they’re nervous about the outcome. Lucky for people like you, you’ve already dedicated to the work and prepared yourself for what the experience of creating a project is like before the project is complete.

Those who start get a chance to get their feet wet, those who wait…usually keep waiting.

Give it away

All of it! As much of your work as possible. If you have a fear of someone stealing your ideas, it’s a good chance you don’t know enough (That can be changed), if they’re not stealing your ideas, it’s a good chance it isn’t a good one. 

Now go for it, it’s time to create yourself.