“Box water is better”, or is it?

We have no idea if that’s true, most times we don’t notice the difference between the taste of Dasani water from Fiji water. In the eyes of many, water is all the same, but the truth is it’s not. Many intentional companies spend a diligent amount of research and money filtering the streams and adding the right amount of PH to give consumers the best tasting results. But when we go to buy water, we can’t see that from the outside. From the outside, we often either judge by the packaging, believe what we’re told, or deny its ability to matter.

The work that we do doesn’t matter to the people that can’t see the difference it can make from the outside, because difference can’t be bought with marketing. Just like water, difference can only be experienced. No one goes to the movies because a $25 date after tickets and popcorn sounded like a good idea on a Tuesday. What they were buying was the experience they hoped to receive from the movie. Whether that’s excitement, freedom, joy, or happiness, to consumers it’s well worth it.

How is your project better? Have you allowed others to experience it? If not, it’s about time you start.