Attitude is key

We all have ideas about how our life is “supposed to” go, but what do we do when things change? Then what? Do we give up? Start over? Call mom? Call a friend? How do we keep going? By changing our attitude.

Life is never what it seems, it’s hard, tiring, sticky and overwhelming sometimes. But also fun, new and inviting. We’re frustrated because we haven’t gotten a handle on the concept of it yet and things seem to really suck at times. I get it, trust me. Hear me out, you see attitude is key, what I mean is, change the way you see the world, the way you witness an experience. One experience may be realllllly uncomfortable but what if just for a moment we saw it as exciting? How about interesting? After a while a sudden shift takes place unconsciously.

Our mind controls our reactions and we to an extent control our mind. Start with a perspective shift and see where your new found attitude leads you.