Imani Evora is a Visionary, Writer and most importantly, A teacher. 

With a passion for changing the way we use this life, she focuses on impact that makes a difference. She works alongside people and projects that changes things. From culture to creativity, leadership to marketing, Imani has been able to share her ideas and contribute to moving this world forward. 

The Practice Workshops

The Practice Workshop is a live online interactive workshop designed by Imani Evora for anyone ready to develop their practice and make something better.

"Being able to connect with Imani and participate in The Practice Workshop allowed me to challenge myself, for the first time I learned how to better communicate with others. "


Imani Evora LLC. is a coaching and consulting company that teaches individuals and organizations how to create an impact that makes a difference. We teach people how to run a business, tell a story and find their voice. We help Creatives become better starters, managers learn to listen and anyone and everyone create an impact. Through our work we help people learn to see, create difference and make something better.

We offer, workshops, coaching sessions, gifts and a range of virtual tools for support. 

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