A guide for making difference

Making difference sounds like a good idea and maybe even feels like the right thing to do. Problem is, no one gives you ideas on how it’s done.

I wrote Difference Looks Like This to be a change-makers guide to using their voice to make something better. Not perfect, but better. Whether your starting a new business or growing within a company, whether you’re trying to become a better manager or a more empathic creative. This book is for you.

I introduce the idea of becoming a maker. A person who uses their vision to create projects that change us, brands that support us, services that shift the way we see the world and each other. A maker is someone who makes difference that matters, someone like you.

The key to making difference is finding a vision that supports the impact you want to create, you do this with practice.

What’s your story?

In other words, what do you believe to be true? What are the hindering beliefs that cripple you from starting? Is it criticism, fear of failure, a deep longing to be noticed? Your story (each of ours) we’re created out of a need for acceptance, a need to survive and play it safe. We understood from the beginning how creating stories and setting boundaries was the only way someone couldn’t pick us out from the crowd.

Question is, what has your story cost you? Your freedom.

How will you lead the others?

One of the scariest parts, leading or as I like to call it, teaching. Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t feel confident in their voice or the work that they do. You could be the type of person that waits to be picked, chosen. It’s only because you don’t have a vision, yet.

Vision has been defined for years as a way of looking forward, while I believe vision is a way of learning to see. To see others, to notice what the world needs, an opportunity to create change. Think you can do that?

What about impact?

This is your part, the opportunities are endless. You can write a book, open a coffee shop, you can be a better CEO or maybe a more attentive volunteer. The point is people need you to show up, they need you to see them.

Difference is only made when someone receives your impact, when someone gets a chance to see you too. So what do you do with this opportunity? You make something better, it’s the reason why we’re here.

How will you use this life?

Hopefully by creating difference that matters for people who care.